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Queen Lexi Sends Her Final Message Of Her Reign

A special message from Queen Lexi as her reign as the 115th Bo’ness Children’s Fair Queen comes to an end;

“To the people of Bo’ness,”

As my reign draws to a close, I would like to thank you all for your love and support during my time as queen. I have so much gratitude towards our townspeople.

I have many wonderful memories from during my reign, meeting HRH King Charles, being invited to BBC Studios to take part in Saturday Mash-Up, our town’s Remembrance Service and Carol Concert.

It’s now time to pass the crown to my lovely friend Ella, and I have no doubt she will be just amazing and will carry out her duties with pride. Hail to Queen Ella.

Wishing Ella and her retinue a very happy Fair Day.


“Queen Lexi”

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