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Issue 1. September 2023

Hello everyone and a very warm welcome to our first newsletter. We aim to publish these monthly to keep you all updated on our events, our challenges, and our successes throughout the year.

We have already started to plan for next year’s big day and one of the most important elements we have to address is finance. We are looking hard at innovative ways to cut costs and increase our income. Sadly, costs are rising, and it seems that all elements that make up The Fair Day are costing so much more.

It may be that we shall have to make some radical decisions as the vast majority of our costs are made up of band expenses and the hiring and construction of the two stages as well as the security to look after them once they have been built.

The introduction of young blood to the committee has had a terrific impact on the range and variety of events that we hold to try and include all the demographics of our small town. These younger members are our future and will play a pivotal role in ensuring that The Fair Day continues to be the ‘Best Day of the Year’ going forward.

Frank McGarry

Bo’ness Children’s Fair Festival Chair

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