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U – “Ulke – Urquhart”

Ulke Cheryl Kinneil Flower Girl 1977
Ulke Jarrod Kinneil Presentee 1977
Ure Adrian Deanburn Presentee 1983
Ure Ailsa Public Flower Girl 1972
Ure Andrew Public Presentee 1977
Ure Anna Kinneil Fairy 1959
Ure Anne Grange Fairy 1971
Ure Anne Public Flower Girl 1973
Ure Audrey Kinneil Fairy 1977, Maid of Honour 1980
Ure Christine Anne Public Presentee 1975
Ure Elaine Kinneil Presentee 1976
Ure Elaine Elizabeth Public Fairy 1973
Ure Elaine Margaret Public Flower Girl 1976
Ure Gillian Public Flower Girl 1982, Presentee 1984
Ure Jane Kinneil Flower Girl 1925l
Ure Jean Kinneil Flower Girl 1954, Maid of Honour 1955
Ure John Kinneil Queen’s Champion 1920
Ure John Kinneil Presentee 1953
Ure Lynn Public Flower Girl 1977, Presentee 1978
Ure Margaret Public Flower Girl 1953
Ure Maria Public, Kinneil Fairy 1953, Presentee 1956
Ure Marjory Kinneil Flower Girl 1950
Ure Mary Deanburn Fairy 1974, Flower Girl 1977
Ure Mary Kinneil Presentee 1924
Ure Pamela Deanburn Flower Girl 1983
Ure Pauline Deanburn Flower Girl 1983
Ure Piper St Mary’s Flower Girl 2013, Presentee 2016
Ure Raymond Deanburn Queen’s Escort 1984
Ure Sandra Deanburn Flower Girl 1978
Ure Sheana Public Flower Girl 1980
Urquhart Barbara Academy Flower Girl 1957, Lady in Waiting 1959

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