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V – “Vago – Vince”

Vago Brigitta Public Maid of Honour 2007
Vakauskas Nojus St Mary’s Presentee 2013
Vallance Annie Academy Fairy 1946
Vallely Paige Public Flower Girl 2014
Van Der Hoek Ellie Grange Fairy 2015, Presentee 2016
Varey Donna Public Flower Girl 1982, Presentee 1983
Varey Lorna Grange Flower Girl 1987, Lady in Waiting 1991
Varlaw Helen Public Presentee 1936
Vaslot Harley St Mary’s Fairy 2002, Presentee 2003, Flower Girl 2004, Presentee 2006
Vaslot Leigha Public, St Mary’s Flower Girl 1999, Presentee 2001
Vaslot Michael Public Presentee 1977
Vaughan Deborah Blackness Presentee 1977, Fairy 1978
Vaughan Donna Grange Fairy 1971, Presentee 1974
Vaughan Edward Public Presentee 1972
Vaughan Lynn Public Fairy 1972
Vaughan Paul Public Presentee 1976
Veitch Annette Kinneil Presentee 1972, Fairy 1974, Presentee 1977
Veitch Linda Kinneil Maid of Honour 1970
Veitch Marianne Public Flower Girl 1976, Lady in Waiting 1977
Vendy Caroline Deanburn Fairy 1981
Verhees Mark Grange Presentee 1998
Verhees Michelle St Mary’s Maid of Honour 1998
Vernon Gary Grange Presentee 1975, Queen’s Champion 1976
Vernon Lee Anne Grange Fairy 1974
Verrecchia Amy Kinneil Fairy 2010
Very Isla St Mary’s Flower Girl 2007, Presentee 2009
Very Jack St Mary’s Presentee 2008
Vince Craig St Mary’s Presentee 1988
Vince Lisa St Mary’s Maid of Honour 1983

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