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Y – “Yallop – Young”

Yallop Melanie Deanburn Flower Girl 1976
Yard Christine Public Presentee 1975
Yard Donna Public Flower Girl 1995, Maid of Honour 1997
Yard Linda Public, Academy Presentee 1971, Fairy 1972
Yates Alisdair Blackness Presentee 1969, Presentee 1975
Yates Christine Kinneil Lady in Waiting 1965
Yates Evelyn Blackness Fairy 1966, Flower Girl 1971
Yates Henry Blackness Presentee 1937
Yates Isobel Blackness Flower Girl 1948
Yates Margaret Blackness Flower Girl 1959
Yates Margaret Public Flower Girl 1938
Yates-Badley Holly Deanburn Fairy 2007
Yeadon Ainsleigh Deanburn Fairy 2008, Presentee 2010, Flower Girl 2011
Yeadon Corey Deanburn Presentee 2011
Yeadon Hannah Kinneil Fairy 2011, Presentee 2013
Yearsley Ross Deanburn Presentee 1989
Yeats Debbie Kinneil Flower Girl 1997
Yee Law Ann Deanburn Fairy 1985
Yeung Kwanga Deanburn Presentee 1987
Young Adam St Mary’s Presentee 1976
Young Aimee Public Fairy 2004, Flower Girl 2006
Young Amanda Grange Fairy 1997
Young Amy St Mary’s Fairy 2014, Flower Girl 2016
Young Ann Kinneil Flower Girl 1948, Maid of Honour 1950
Young Annie Borrowstoun Fairy 1937
Young Barry Public Presentee 1991, Presentee 1992
Young Brian Kinneil Sword Bearer 1975
Young Charles Kinneil Presentee 1975
Young Claire Grange Flower Girl 1986, Presentee 1989
Young David Academy Yeoman of the Guard 1969
Young Dorothy Academy Fairy 1968
Young Ellen Grange Fairy 1923
Young Emily St Mary’s Fairy 1986, Flower Girl 1988
Young Emma Kinneil Fairy 1994
Young Erin St Mary’s Flower Girl 2013, Presentee 2015
Young Esther Academy Flower Girl 1970
Young Fiona Kinneil Fairy 1990
Young Freda Borrowstoun, Public, Academy Fairy 1953, Flower Girl 1956, Maid of Honour 1957, Flower Girl 1959
Young Gaynor Public Flower Girl 1988, Presentee 1991
Young George Kinneil Queen’s Herald 1928
Young Gillian St Mary’s Fairy 1972, Presentee 1973
Young Grace Kinneil Fairy 1957, Queen of the Fairies 1960
Young Graham Deanburn Presentee 1994
Young Heather Deanburn Fairy 1995, Presentee 1997
Young Helen Kinneil Queen 1934, Ex Queen 1935
Young Helen Kinneil Flower Girl 1955
Young Janet Kinneil Fairy 1936
Young Janet Public Fairy 1947
Young Jean Kinneil Fairy 1925, Flower Girl 1927, Maid of Honour 1928
Young Jeanette Kinneil Fairy 1954, Flower Girl 1957
Young Jessie Carriden Presentee 1928
Young Jim Deanburn Presentee 1999
Young Joe Public Queen’s Champion 2012
Young Karen Deanburn Presentee 1974
Young Logan Grange Presentee 2013, Guard of Honour 2014, Presentee 2015, Yeoman of the Guard 2016
Young Lorna Grange Flower Girl 1991, Presentee 1992
Young Lorna Grange Fairy 1983, Maid of Honour 1986
Young Lorna St Mary’s Presentee 1974, Fairy 1977, Presentee 1978
Young Louisa Carriden Flower Girl 1925
Young Mairi Public Fairy 1975, Presentee 1979
Young Margaret Public Maid of Honour 1947
Young Margaret Public, Academy Presentee 1952, Flower Girl 1959
Young Mary Deanburn Fairy 1983
Young May Public Flower Girl 1937
Young Neil Grange Sceptre Bearer 1996
Young Neil Kinneil Queen’s Herald 1960
Young Nellie Kinneil Fairy 1928, Fairy 1929
Young Paula Public Flower Girl 1980, Chief Lady in Waiting 1982
Young Rachel Kinneil Chief Lady in Waiting 1928
Young Rona Kinneil Fairy 1970
Young Sarah Borrowstoun Presentee 1947
Young Sarah Deanburn Fairy 1978
Young Ted St Mary’s Presentee 1980, Presentee 1981
Young Victoria Public Flower Girl 1992
Young Wendy Deanburn Fairy 1979
Young Willie Kinneil Queen’s Page 1928

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