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2011 – Thankyou Everyone

The day I was chosen to be Bo’ness Fair Queen 2010 was absolutely brilliant! I felt so happy that day.

I was actually off school sick that day and my dad got a phone call asking if I could go into school as they were going to pick the Retinue for the 2010 Fair. The school told him not to say anything to me so when he said he was taking me to school I thought he was joking.

When I got to school all my friends were saying. “Georgia, we thought you weren’t feeling very well today?” and I whispered to them what was going on.

The whole school went into the hall and the voting began and it was so exciting. The votes were taken away to be counted and then Jim Stewart announced who was Fair Queen 2010. He called out “Georgia” and I thought, “No Way!”, I was shocked so much. I got to phone my Mum and Dad, they were so happy. When my Granny Nimmo and Aunty Linda had worked that I’d be in the Queen’s class at Kinneil when it came round. I would have liked it much more if my Granny Nimmo had been there to share my excitement. I had a picture of her put in my locket that I wore on the Fair Day so she was with me in a way.

Having the band down on the Fair E’en and Fair Morning was fantastic and I couldn’t believe the amount of people who came to see my arch on the Fair E’en.

I am so proud to have been chosen to be a Bo’ness Fair Queen – to be chosen for anything is brilliant, I’ve been a fairy and a presentee twice – but to be Queen is truly an honour.

I would like to thank everyone who helped on my ach, my dressmaker Marlyn who made my two beautiful dresses and my Ex-Queen dress. My thanks also to florists, fundraisers, well wishers and mostly to my family for all their support.

Thank you everyone so so much it was the best day EVER!.


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