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2011 – What The Bo’ness Fair Means To Me (Erin McBride)

Pride… Pride is what the Bo’ness Fair means to me. It started as a walk for miners one hundred years ago. It celebrated the one day miners didn’t have to work. They walked down the town and then they went down to foreshore for horse racing and a lot of drink. Eventually a man called Provost Stewart decided to turn the miner’s day into a day everyone could celebrate. That’s how it is now called The Bo’ness Children’s Fair Festival!

Spirit… Community spirit is what the Bo’ness Fair means to me. Neighbours always on hand to help build arches. Teamwork is a gift Bo’nessians have. We are a family!

Rivalry… Good natured rivalry is what the Bo’ness Fair means to me. At the procession our school chant as a tradition 2, 4, 6, 8, who do we appreciate D, E, A, N, B, U, R, N Deanburn! That is one of the most important things to me. That completes the Fair for me.

Around the World… Around the World, a person celebrating the Fair is what the Bo’ness Fair means to me. Bo’nessians who have moved, still thinking of the Fair. Nowhere else has the fame we do. We must be important!

Family… Family is what the Bo’ness Fair means to me. My auntie Carol was a Fairy, Flower Girl and Lady-in-Waiting. This year is my year as I am a Flower Girl, like any girl from Bo’ness; I want to be the brightest star!

The day arrives and what you hear is a big part of the Fair Day. The brass bands, pipe bands and all the hustle and bustle. This surely beats Christmas!

This is The Best Day of the Year!

P6 Deanburn Primary

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