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2012 – My Year Of Treasured Memories

Like so many girls before me, the day I was born my Granny had worked out that if I went to the Grange Primary School I would be in the “Queens Class” but her only fear was that she would not be here to se it. How wrong she was!!

On the afternoon of the 12th on January 2011 my class was unexpectedly called into the library, but as soon as we saw Jim Stewart and Ann Ritchie we knew it had something to do with the Fair. We were then told to hold number cards up to identify who wanted to be what, class by class they all came in and voted for the person they wanted to become Queen and Champion. We then went down to the hall where Jim Stewart called out, “Queen Elect 2011 is Erin Meikle.” I couldn’t believe it, I was so excited. I then phoned my Mum at work to tell her the great news but she thought I was phoning because I was unwell and she hadn’t expected the vote until February. When I told her she screamed in excitement. I couldn’t wait to get home and tell the rest of the family. That night our phone and doorbell just kept on ringing with people congratulating me, From that day forward it was a nerve racking and exhilarating journey.

I couldn’t believe the support I received and I would like to express my heartfelt thanks to the following people; all the staff and pupils at Grange Primary School, my Dressmaker Lorraine Fleming for my stunning dresses, all the staff at Talking Heads. Stevie’s Flowers for their gorgeous posies, all my great fundraising and arch builders, the Fair committee and last but not least my friends and family for their constant support, guidance and love throughout the bust year. I would also like to give a big thank you to Mrs Sheila Stewart for crowing me, my Chief Lady in Waiting Jessica Kelly, Page Boys Jamie McRae and Connor Gordon-Paterson and Champion Lewis Connelly for making my day extra special.

Finally the big day came and I felt ecstatic! I couldn’t wait to go to school and see all my friends. Walking into the park with so many people watching me and when the crown was placed on my head are memories I will cherish forever. Going through the streets of Bo’ness in the procession was a fantastic experience and when the retinue and I got to the Douglas Park we were VERY excited about Elvis! I will never forget this extraordinary day and I hope Queen Nicole and her retinue have a memorable and fantastic day as I had. Viva the Bo’ness Fair.


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