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2013 – “The Year I Will Never Forget” Nicole Bell

On the 16th January 2012 I went to school as usual, after being in class for about 10 minutes Mr Stewart, Mrs Ritchie and Mrs Genoe walked into the classroom. Mrs Genoe said, “Primary Seven we are going to pick the Fair Retinue”, I looked around the room and everyone was excited. We were to write down what our interests were in and out of school. We were then taken down to the hall to read out a little about ourselves, then the whole school voted. We returned to our class to wait on the results. When Mr Stewart came in he said “Our Bo’ness Fair Queen 2012 is. Nicole Bell”, I couldn’t believe it. I was so excited I couldn’t wait to tell everyone, when I phoned my Mum she couldn’t believe it she even phoned the school back to see if she had misheard me.

On the morning of the Fair I looked outside and it was raining and I was really upset but my Mum said “Don’t let it dampen your day” so I took her advice and I became super excited. From going to Stephanie at Dimensions to get my hair done at 6am to sitting up on the stage waiting to be crowned I couldn’t believe how lucky I was. When Mrs Bogle crowned me Queen 2012 everyone was clapping and cheering the rain didn’t matter, that memory I will treasure for the rest of my life.

As my year as Queen comes to an end I look back on all the events I have attended with great delight. Attending the unveiling of the Roman Wall at Bridgeness was a great honour , Switching on the Christmas lights with Provost Reid, Salvation Army Christmas Concert in December and the Jean Armour Day in January which I attended with Chief Lady Carla. Opening the Big Event at the Town Hall. A guest at the Hippodrome to see the film of the Roman Wall and the Silent Movie showing. I was invited along to the presentation of the McLaren Trophy which went to the Sea Box Society. Presenting the football trophies at Primary Seven football tournament. Bo’ness v Linlithgow and the Over 30’s football tournament. I have had a fantastic year being Bo’ness Fair Queen. I would like to thank the organisations who invited me along to the above events and a big thank you to my Page Boys Corey and Cole who did a fantastic job on the Fair Day and escorting me to some of the above events.

There are so many people that I would like to thank from my Dad and the arch builders, fundraisers, donations, bakers to all who helped to make the bingo night and the showing of my dresses a success. Family and Friends and everything they gave to me to make my day special.

Last but not least I would like to thank Mr Stewart and the Fair Committee for all their hard work throughout the year. If it wasn’t for the dedication of the committees there would not be a Fair Day for us all to enjoy. I hope the Fair continues so girls and boys in the future will enjoy the Fair as much as I have.


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