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2014 – “The Year I Will Never Forget” Malia Bonnar

AFTER the Christmas holidays, on the first day back at school, I was elected to be Queen of the Bo’ness Fair Day!

I remember seeing Mr Stewart and Mrs Ritchie and also our head teacher Mrs Hanlon announce that day that the Fair retinue was going to be chosen! I was so excited. They handed out a sheet to all the pupils with a picture of all the girls who had put themselves in to be Queen. I looked at the paper and saw photos of me and all the other girls! I gave them all a smile and said good luck to them all – and they said it back. Once everyone had made their choice and given back their votes it was time to announce the Queen Elect. I sat in my seat so excited to hear who got the most votes that I couldn’t stop smiling.

“And the Queen Elect for 2013 is Malia Bonnar” Mrs Hanlon shouted. I was stunned and couldn’t believe it. I was so happy I started to cry a little. After I calmed down I got to phone my mum to tell her the amazing news. My mum was also very happy. I heard afterwards that she had to phone the school back to make sure it was true.

On the Fair Day morning I felt really sick and got really nervous – scared that I would make a mistake and get embarrassed. My family members helped me out and I wasn’t worried after a while, just really excited and and couldn’t wait to get started . The car then arrived and I saw my two page boys who were looking very nice in their costumes. I asked them if they were excited and they both said, “Yes”

We talked in the car as it made it’s way to the school and we all laughed at the jokes that the page boys told me! When the car dropped us at the schoolI saw Faye, the Chief Lady and also Nicole – both in their beautiful dresses. They both looked stunning! Once we were on the stage at the Town Hall I was crowned I was crowned Queen Malia of 2013! I felt the luckiest girl in the whole world, and I will never forget it.

As my reign comes to an end I think about all the amazing things I got to do as Queen – Switching on the Christmas Lights, going to host a film about the Roman wall at the Hippodrome. the Kinneil Heritage Day that I opened and lots more!

I would like to thank my page boys Callum and Harry they did a fantastic job.

I would like to thank everyone that helped build my arch. An extra special to my Stepdad Andy, his brother Richieand also Willy McLintock who all spent many late nights on it leading up to the Fair!

Finally a massive thank you to Mr Stewart and all the Fair committee for all their hard work all year round on the Bo’ness Fair Day and for making this amazing day happen for me. I will never, ever forget it!


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