Tuesday, July 16, 2019

Latest Bo'ness Fair News

Arch & Frontage Results

RESULTS OF THE ARCH/FRONTAGE COMPETITION This year’s judges thought that the arches and frontages were of a very high standard. Well done to all the...

Bo’ness Has A New Queen

Queen Kennedi Mann is our 2019 Bo'ness Fair Queen

Queen Zoe Message

Good Morning Bo’nessians and Friends far and near. In the final hours of my reign as Bo’ness Fair Queen, may I in this my last...

Featured Memory

AFTER the Christmas holidays, on the first day back at school, I was elected to be Queen of the Bo'ness Fair Day! I remember seeing Mr Stewart and Mrs Ritchie and also our head teacher Mrs Hanlon announce that day that the Fair retinue was going to be chosen! I was so excited. They handed out a sheet to all...

Bo'ness Fair Events



1973 – A Fair Amount Of Work

As far as the thousands of visitors who crowd into Bo'ness every Fair Day are concerned, Bo'ness Children's Fair Festival is an exciting one-day...