Tuesday, December 10, 2019

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Queen & Chief Lady Attend Community Salvation Army Christmas Carol Concert

Queen Kennedi and her Chief Lady Sylvie are very smart as they have been attending events throughout the town. Her Christmas Message will appear once...

Community Carol Concert

Everyone is invited to attend the annual Salvation Army Christmas Carols Concert. Bo'ness Town Hall Tuesday 3rd December 7 pm Admission is free.  An offering will be taken...

Children’s Party Sold Out

Children's Christmas Party Has sold out

Featured Memory

FOR weeks now our news from home had been full of Bo'ness Fair. We were on first name terms with all the principal characters - and we knew which arch my brothers were building. We'd even caught the whisper of the town's worst-kept secret. . . . the style of the Queen's dress. So, for our only Fair Day in the...

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1993 – Memories Of Yesteryear

HOW MANY times have you heard it said that if you are not Bo'ness born and bred, no matter how long you have lived...