Tuesday, July 16, 2019

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Arch & Frontage Results

RESULTS OF THE ARCH/FRONTAGE COMPETITION This year’s judges thought that the arches and frontages were of a very high standard. Well done to all the...

Bo’ness Has A New Queen

Queen Kennedi Mann is our 2019 Bo'ness Fair Queen

Queen Zoe Message

Good Morning Bo’nessians and Friends far and near. In the final hours of my reign as Bo’ness Fair Queen, may I in this my last...

Featured Memory

Bo'ness Fair was 13 years old in 1910 and during that 13 years, the children's day had gone from strength to strength. Slow the event was gathering credibility and character. But 1910 was to prove a difficult year for the organisers. Unrest amongst the woodyard workers was simmering and talk of strike was in the offing. In a community which...

Bo'ness Fair Events



1975 – Underneath The Arches

"Underneath the arches" - to most people these words recall Flannagan and Allan, but for generations of Bo'nessians they have a much more localised...