Friday, May 25, 2018

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Presentees “Harry Potter” To Start The Presentations

2018 SCHOOL THEMES St Mary's - Harry Potter Grange - Guardians of the Galaxy Blackness - Born to be Wild feat. Peter Rabbit Public - The Descendants Kinneil -...

5 Weeks To Go

Only 5 weeks on Thursday until the Fair E'en. (Its like waiting on Santa Claus)Retinue rehearsals are going well and the pupils have been...

Bo’ness Fair Archive On Film

An excellent opportunity to view Fairs of yesteryear in the Hippodrome between 9-11th June, This is being brought to you by Falkirk Arts.

Featured Memory

THE new queen has been crowned, the champion has delivered his challenge, the presentees have performed and everyone has left the platform - another year - another successful fair. You can hear the comments of the people - what a lovely fair - wasn't so and so lovely - the girls are just a picture. Isn't the fair a...

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1996 – The Fair – A Personal View

I WAS born in East Castleoan, Bo'ness in February 1950 amongst the close knit community of hard working miners, their wives and families. Later...